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Manned Guarding


We provide trained and licensed manned guards to many of the UK’s leading businesses. Deck Security Ltd’s manned guarding section has many years of experience in providing security teams that meet exacting requirements, and ensuring that a client's first impressions are highly favorable.


Our manned guarding security staffs work closely with the latest security technologies to ensure the safety of your people and your premises. From a friendly face on Reception, to mail-room duties, Gatehouse Operations including Entry and Exit control, CCTV surveillance and Emergency Response services, all of our services can be seamlessly integrated and tailored to meet your exact needs.


Our highly experience management team ensures all clients receive a manned guarding service that is the best in its class. Crucially our service levels are exceptionally high, even during those critical times of providing holiday and sickness cover for the regular on site manned guarding security teams. Our unique and refreshing approach to the security manned guarding service delivery ensures our customers receive truly seamless and professional security services.


When a Deck Security Ltd Guard is on site, you can rest assured that all of your security needs are being met, and surpassed. That's because Deck Security Ltd manned guarding officers are highly trained individuals who must pass various testing requirements before they are allowed to wear our uniform. Regularly administered background checks and technical skill certifications are just among a few of our quality control protocols that ensure our unmatched standards for excellent quality of service.


Our security guards are trained for any environment and can handle any security challenge your organization may be confronted with. Deck Security Ltd guards not only deter crimes like vandalism, theft and trespassing; they also secure entrances and exits, verify identification and sales slips and welcome and direct customers. Deck Security Ltd protects your business, property, employees and customers by providing uniformed guards 24/7, 365 days a year.


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Construction Security


Deck Security’s goal is to promote a safe and secure construction site environment, therefore encouraging safety and loss prevention to our client’s property and equipment s. Construction sites, regardless of their size are frequently victimized by the theft of machinery and equipment, tools, material supplies, and vandalism. Millions of pounds every year are lost nationwide due to the theft of construction equipments and tools.


Deck Security Ltd can provide construction site security and security guard services for your construction site or facility. We have been successfully supplying construction security guard services for over 5 years. All guards deployed are trained to SIA requirements. Our guards are aware of HASAW, PPE and can work with your Health and Safety officer to support good practices.


We know what is at stake and our security guards will work to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel. This is accomplished by our security guards monitoring and recording persons leaving or entering the construction site. When the construction workers are not on site, our guards will secure all entrances and ensure that they are locked and inaccessible. In addition, they will do Random patrols around the site to detect any suspicious acts and act as a visual deterrent on the site.


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Reception Security


We provide security staff in company reception and access areas to vet guests, visitors, staff, and contractors arriving on site. Running an office building brings many important responsibilities.


When implementing security measures it's all too easy to over look your reception area. Many businesses will go to great lengths securing rear doors, loading bays and fire escapes and completely forget about the most obvious and most vulnerable entry point "Your Reception" Unmanned and unsecured reception areas and lobbies provide rapid easily accessible entry to your business.


Reception Security is a specialty of Deck Security Ltd. As one of the most experienced teams in the security industry it is our proud boast that we provide the best possible Security Service to every one of our clients whatever their requirements.


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Events Security


Deck Security Ltd is an expert in Event Security and Crowd Control. Our customers across the UK include a number of major organisations involved in public events and exhibitions.


Deck Security Ltd can service a large number of special events. For any special event, security is one of the most important elements. Unfortunately, since security is not the main focus of the event, it is often neglected in the planning stages.


Safety is of the highest importance to Deck Security and we are dedicated to good health and safety practices. We will conduct a full site assessment before the event so that we fully understand your requirements we will also work very closely with The Police, Ambulance Service and Fire Brigade, therefore ensuring your event will run smoothly with minimal disruption.


We can provide security to all of the following:


•  Sporting Events

•  Open air and indoor concerts

•  Conferences


We understand the dynamic nature of events, and prepare our event staff for making adjustments smoothly and seamlessly as your event unfolds.


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Retail Security


Loss from theft and the lack of a loss prevention system cost businesses nearly £3.5 billions annually. Companies and retail establishments that install advanced technology and hire commercial security guards and surveillance teams dramatically curtail shoplifting and employee theft.


By employing Deck Security Ltd to provide you with highly trained retail security officers you can be assured that we will deliver our services to the highest possible standards, and substantially reduce your financial losses due to shoplifting.


All our staff are trained in standard retail security procedures, conflict management and are licensed to meet the requirements of the SIA.

All staff wears a company uniform that is tailored to the individual clients requirements, whether this is a formal shirt and tie, or a casual polo shirt.


Protecting your assets, improving store management, and discreetly working to better relationships with your employees and your customers are what we do best.


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Door Supervision


We provide professional, trained Door Supervisors who are experienced in delivering and implementing your requirements to a high standard.


Trained in conflict management and vetted/registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA), Door Supervisors are now working alongside stringent guidelines to enable them to perform their role in a more professional manner.


Our professional SIA Door Supervisors are well-known for their positive and outgoing attitude, flexibility and reliability, high standard of personal presentation, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and high level experience in search procedures and customer-facing role.


Our Door Supervisors will provide your venue with the following:


•  Smart presentation putting you and your customers at ease.

•  Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue.

•  Control ingress and egress of the venue and all exits.

•  To ensure that patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment

•  Initiative and discretion to decide the suitability of customers entering your premises.


Keep your doors open with Deck Security SIA Licensed Door Supervisors.


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Lock and Unlock Service.


This service ensures customers premises are opened at the start of the working day and secured when staff leaves. Our security officer will have full knowledge of your site in relation to potential security hazards and entry and exit points. Before locking up and activating the alarm the security officer will patrol the site ensuring there are no security risks. If so required, regular visits will be carried out throughout the night. Similarly at the start of the working day the security officer will patrol and open-up your premises given access to a fully secure site to your employees.


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Security Guard Dogs


We can supply our security guard dogs, in marked or unmarked vans, they are trained to the highest standards and operate within the law and we are a CHAS accredited and use security dogs safely to provide you with a high level of security. We have been supplying Security guard dogs throughout the UK for over 6 years and have worked with many national construction firms. All of our security guard dogs units carry GPS trackers, we monitor our security guard dogs units from our control room throughout the UK, we can give daily, weekly and monthly reports of patrols at any time as our GPS trackers communicate with our control room via GPRS in real time.


 To find out more about our dog units contact us on 01793 250 113. We cover the entire UK and provide a quality service, to empty properties,offices, warehouse, repossession and construction.


CCTV Installation and Monitoring


At Deck Security Ltd our encompassing security services and national CCTV installation service will ensure you have the best products for maximum reliability, effectiveness and cost efficiencies.


By choosing Deck Security Ltd for your CCTV installation partner, we will guarantee you:


•  Minimum business interruption

•  Fully qualified CCTV engineering team

•  Efficient, quality projects completed to time scales

•  Experience in installing a whole range of Security equipments

•  Preprepared systems means quicker installs

•  Our skills mean any on-site issues are resolved as efficiently as possible


Remote CCTV Monitoring


The use of CCTV to detect crime and enhance public safety has proven successful in many applications and has received overwhelming public support. CCTV Camera Systems have become essential in areas where the security and safety of staff, customers and assets is a concern.


Whilst CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent, there is still a requirement to minimize the effects of any potential treats through immediate action. A remote monitored CCTV and site management system cannot only detect activation, but our trained analysts can act according to the information received.


The Benefits of Deck Security Remote Monitored CCTV:


•  Cost effective.

•  Sites can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

•  Ability to interact, respond and control all levels of access to the site, e.g. deliveries, staff, customer enquiries.

•  Management of remote unmanned locations reducing the need for costly or hazardous site visits.

•  Highly skilled, trained and dedicated analysts respond to activations, and reduce the number of false police call outs.


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